Be Amazing! Toys Wired Science Experiment Kits


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Product Description Kids learns the science of conductivity with this safe, fun kit. "Throwies" are LED lights that stick to the refrigerator - or kids' clothing - with the included magnets. Overview Be Amazing! Toys Wired Science kit lets kids learn the basics of electricity using their own bodies as conductors and parts of an electrical circuit. Up to 40 kids make in a circle and, using the enclosed Energy Stick, they can complete an electrical circuit. When the circuit is complete – all hands and the Energy Stick are touching – the kids are rewarded the sound and light of the Energy Stick. They can break the circuit and make it start again, just by letting go of the stick. The kit lets kids explore their environment, finding and testing liquids they find around the house and the Energy Stick to determine what is an electrical conductor and what is a resistor. It’s a fun, safe way to learn how electrons flow. A Fun Way to Learn How Electrons Flow – Safely. The Energy Stick is key to this kit. It’s a tube with metal bands on each end. When kids hold hands with each other and two of them also hold on to the metal bands – voila! The sound and light show begins. When they break the circuit – either by someone letting go of someone else’s hand, or by letting go of the Energy Stick, the sound and light stop. It’s the ultimate “Kumbaya” moment for up to 40 kids. Children can use the Energy Stick by themselves, holding onto one metal band and touching the other to different parts of their body, or braces, or clothing to see what is a “conductor” and what is a “resistor” of the electron flow. And they attach the probes, included in this kit, to the Energy Stick to test liquids found around their house (water, oil, milk, honey, and on and on) to see what causes the sounds and light to start. Kids Light Up Their Clothes with LED “Throwies” There’s much more than the Energy Stick in this kit. Kids also learn more about circuits and the positive and negative side of electrical wiring by putting together LED lights, a battery and small magnets. They can throw these contraptions at their refrigerator door and the magnet will make the whole thing stick. They can also use the magnet to attach the “Throwie” to their clothes and show how their electrical knowledge glows.The kit also includes a Static Tube that teaches children about static electricity. All told it’s a great introduction to electricity, circuits and conductivity. And it’s fun. Features: Energy Stick Giant test tubes with lids and a test tube rack LED lights Disk or button batteries Energy Stick Probes Super strong magnets Static Tube Balloon From the Manufacturer Turn your body into a conductor of electricity! Explorer the science of electricity with these eye-catching, electron-chasing experiments. Turn LED's and batteries into light graffiti. Use the energy stick to turn your body into a conductor of electricity. Seek out conductors and non-conductors and follow the flow of electricity through solids and liquids. Super science fair ideas.


  • Turn your body into a conductor of electricity!
  • Explorer the science of electricity
  • Follow the flow of electricity through solids and liquids

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