Be Amazing Toys Test Tube Wonders 4415

Be Amazing Toys

$ 29.95 $ 41.95

Create cold, fake snow instantly, even on the hottest days using Insta-Snow powder. Use the UV rays in sunlight to change white Energy Beads into bright colors. Grow multicolor Superabsorbent Crystals and make a rainbow in a test tube. Be amazed as you play with waterproof Magic Sand. Make a a tiny polymer dinosaur grow to several times it's starting size. All this and much more. Over 25 activities in Be Amazing! Toys' Test Tube Wonders kit.

Over 25 Experiments in 5 Test Tubes

The box includes:
  • 5 test tubes with lids and a test tube holder
  • Insta-Snow Powder Magic Sand
  • Energy Beads and rainbow bracelet cord
  • Growing Dino
  • Water Gel
  • Super-absorbent crystals and coloring tablets

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