Be Amazing Toys Test Tube Discoveries 4485

Be Amazing Toys

$ 29.95 $ 41.95

Test Tube Discoveries is a collection of fifteen, amazing, stand alone experiments, all contained in five unbreakable Giant Test Tubes. The test tubes in this kit contain:
  • Disappearing Jelly Ice--(grow realistic-looking jelly ice that seems to disappear in water)
  • Garbled marbles--(act as a jelly crystallologist as you characterize and classify, then use water to turn colored beads into colorful balls that bounce)
  • Gravi-goo--(Create an amazing slime that crawls uphill)
  • Little Lava lamp (Make your own little lava lamp in a test tube)
  • pH phun (and the mystery of the bloody handprint!) Uncover the secrets of acids and bases as you learn the trick that makes paper "bleed"

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