Be Amazing! Toys Test Tube Discoveries


$ 52.84 

From the Manufacturer The newest member of th great Test Tube Lab-in-a-Bag series. Over 20 all new activities. Make colorful, iridescent Garbled Marbles. Grow fake ice and make it seem to disappear in water. Play with gravity defying slime. Make a bubling volcano and turn it into your own lava lamp. Make a piece of paper bleed. And learn the science behind it all.


  • Amaze your friends with a batch of "goo" that seems to defy gravity by flowing uphill
  • Grow colorful, iridescent Garbled Marbles from tiny balls and watch them shrink back when you take them out of the water
  • Grow fake ice cube from tiny squares of polymer, they seem to disappear when you put them in water - Why is that?
  • Make paper seem to bleed in a truly amazing pH experiment
  • Make a bubbling volcano in a test tube that turns into a lava lamp, now that's amazing

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