Be Amazing! Toys Sky Blue Flight Fabulous Flyers Model Kit


$ 30.95 $ 42.24

This airplane kit includes three of the most famous classic airplanes in history-The Tiger Moth, The Beaver, and the Boeing P-26 Peashooter. The Tiger Moth is a classic de Havilland airplane. It was first introduced by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the United Kingdom in 1931. Britain produced and flew 8000 of these planes and Canada, Australia and New Zealand produced another 2750. World War II RAF pilots trained with this plane as did the American pilots who flew with the Eagle Squadron before the US entered the war. It was retired in 1952. The Beaver is a renowned de Havilland favorite plane of bush pilots. It was in service from 1947 to 1967. It is a workhorse of a plane because it could fly in all weather and under many conditions using wheels, skis and floats. This powerhouse of a plane could hold up to eight passengers and fly 140 mph. Many of these planes are still flying today-fifty years after production ended! The Boeing Pj-26 or Peashooter was the first all metal fighter plane produced by Boeing in 1932. Its signature open cockpit, fixed wheels and braced wings made it easy to fly but tricky to land. Wing flaps were eventually added to lower its landing speed. Faster than other American fighter planes, it remained in service until the onset of World War II. The Peashooter was involved in the first ever dog fight between all metal aircraft in China in 1937.

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