Be Amazing Toys My First Super Science Kit 4130

Be Amazing Toys

$ 55.95 $ 80.95

Now your junior scientists can begin to explore, experiment and discover their world with our new super science kit.  Use the giant magnifier to examine, up-close, insects crystals, fabric, and pretty much anything they want. Discover how electricity works with our Energy Stick® to make a human circuit.  Grow a GIANT crystal ball and look into it and then make it “disappear” in a bowl of water.  Over 75 fun, exciting experiments to stimulate young minds and make kids say “I want to do more!”
The box includes the following:

  • Instructions Book
  • Large Plastic Storage Bag
  • Two Jumbo Test Tubes with Lids and Rack
  • Three Large Test Tubes with Lids and Rack
  • 9 Compartment Mixing Tray
  • Color Wheel
  • Blue Measuring Scoop
  • Pipette
  • True Colors™ Fizzing Coloring Tablets
  • Energy Stick®
  • Growing Starfish
  • Giant Red Magnifying Glass
  • Super Jumbo Water Balls
  • Tiger Eye Beads
  • Insta-Snow® Powder
  • 2 oz Plastic Cups
  • Growing Spider
  • Plastic Popper
  • Super Absorbent Crystals
  • Energy Beads and Yarn
  • Filter Paper
  • Magic Crystal Growing Dog Sponge

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