Be Amazing! 36 pc. Insta-Snow® Test Tube Display SNO-100-D

Be Amazing Toys

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Explore the science of superabsorbent polymers with an amazing, non-toxic powder that erupts into an amazingly realistic drift of “snow” when you add water.

Packed into a small amount of the dry powder is an amazing reaction. Insta-Snow® is a compact, superabsorbent polymer that quickly (in seconds) “drinks” up lots of water and “erupts” instantly, expanding to 100 times its original size. The reaction is very fast and very visual. Kids and adults of all ages will love it.

The Test Tube of Insta-Snow contains 10 grams of snow powder and makes over two cups of faux snow.

Use the activity guide to learn the science behind the erupting snow. Age 4+

  • 10g (.35oz) Insta-Snow® Powder
  • Instructions

Display of 36 Insta-Snow Test Tubes

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