Be Amazing! Toys Got Ya! Science


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Everyone loves a good practical joke. . . well maybe not everyone, but that’s what makes it so much fun! The fun will never stop with Got Ya, and you will find yourself coming up with new ways to pull off these pranks on your friends and family. Prank your friends with this amazing science kit! Make a root beer bottle float from a rope, balance A cup on a moving car, suspend water upside down, and much more!


  • This S. T. E. M science kit focuses on chemistry and physics - real science and real fun!
  • Complete 10 different prankster science experiments!
  • Includes: 12" Cotton rope, 3 colored plastic cups, Clear plastic ball, mesh sheet, 40G water gel powder, 20G super absorbent jelly crystals, plastic root beer bottle, ceramic magnet, 2 plastic magic arcs
  • This educational toy includes an easy instruction guide that explains the science behind the silly Pranks! Non-toxic and fully safety tested.
  • Age 8 and up.

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