Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works, Model:BAT4120

Be Amazing! Toys

$ 55.95 $ 76.00

Product Description Springboard into the exciting world of science with the Big Bag of Science Works kit. This kid's science kit is created for kids 8 years and older to perform more than 70 science projects that allow them to explore educational science principles while having fun. The kit comes with the key tools and safe chemicals to get your young scientist having fun with science right out of the bag. Some of the favorite activites in this kit include growing jelly crystals, making a rainbow in a tube, whipping up a batch of quicksand, making slime and more. Manufacturer's Notice Manufacturer Remedy Information From the Manufacturer Use the re-usable bag for storage and set up your own science lab. Become a master mixologist. Learn about chemistry, physics, biology, magnets and more. Make up a batch of Gravity Goo, launch a 30' soda geyser. Make some insta-snow and much, much more. A sure winner. More than 70 fascinating activities included. Multiple award winner kit including parent choice. Great for science fair projects. Learn about polymers and superabsorbents. Includes ultraviolet sensitive beads and procedures for testing sunscreen.

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