Be Amazing! All Season Snowman 5885

Be Amazing Toys

$ 15.95 $ 20.95

Everyone loves a snow day… but what if the weather isn’t cooperating or you live somewhere that never, ever snows? Don’t worry, with Insta-Snow powder, all you need is water and you’ll have realistic, cool-to-the-touch faux snow in a matter of seconds.  Now you can actually mold your very own snowman anytime of the year.
  • 30g (1.05oz) Insta-Snow® Powder
  • Blue Measuring Scoop
  • 1.5” Plastic Snowball Mold
  • 2” Plastic Snowball Mold
  • 3” Plastic Snowball Mold
  • Plastic Hat
  • Plastic Eyes
  • Plastic Nose
  • Instructions

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