Barbie Wildlife Fashion Storytelling Pack


$ 13.55 $ 19.99

Fun accessories for Barbie as she goes on a wildlife search, Pieces include a sunhat, sun glasses and sun screen. Also boots and a bag. And of course that adorable baby cub. Barbie is all set for a great adventure


  • Fashion Accessories for Barbie Doll - GRC14 ~ Wildlife Adventure Themed Accessories
  • Barbie Accessories Pack includes a Necklace, Fanny Pack, Bracelet, Dog, Camera, Sunglasses, Water bottle, Black Hat, Sunscreen, Cheetah Print Beach Bag, and Yellow Boots for Barbie.
  • Find the fun in everyday moments with accessory packs for Barbie doll that include pieces to play out a theme (doll sold separately).
  • With so much variety in fashions, shoes and accessories, there are infinitely more ways to spark imaginations and play out stories!
  • Mix and match with other Barbie doll clothing to spark imaginations and storytelling fun! For ages 3 years and up.

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