Barbie Great Puppy Adventure Barbie Doll


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Inspired by the newest Barbie puppy adventure, Barbie doll wears a signature outfit that showcases her unique personality and personal style. And she comes with an adorable puppy! Includes doll wearing fashions and shoes, plus puppy.


  • With looks and puppy friends inspired by the movie Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase, Barbie and her sisters capture vacation style!
  • Each wears a trendy outfit that matches her personality and showcases her style
  • The puppies are adorable with dynamic poses and cute details recognizable from the film
  • Choose from Barbie doll, Skipper doll and Stacie doll
  • Barbie doll is casual glam wearing a decal t-shirt, leggings, polka-dot skirt and black shoes

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