Barbie Crayola Rainbow Design Fashion Set


$ 7.87 $ 9.49

Barbie and Crayola help young designers uncover their creativity with a fashion design set that will brighten their day! The Barbie CRAYOLA Rainbow Design Fashion Set includes all of the tools and supplies needed to create unique clothing with rainbow scratch effect for Barbie doll (sold separately). It's so easy and completely mess-free! Choose one of three fashions with color-change fabric and place it on the dress form. Then simply use the Crayola design tool to draw a design on black fabric -as you draw, the color transforms, revealing rainbow colors for a "scratched out" effect. Change your mind Make a mistake Want to try something different Use the eraser end of the Crayola tool to return the fabric to black and start all over. Create one look, erase to black and try another! There are so many possibilities for creative looks and minds. The pack includes three pieces of clothing with the color-change fabric: a skirt, a top and a dress, as well as a top with Crayola crayon-inspired print. Young designers will love being able to express their style and creativity in endless ways! Includes Crayola design tool, three color-change fashions, one top and one dress form; doll not included. Colors and decorations may vary.

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