Automoblox M9 Sport-Van


$ 45.95 $ 60.27

Automoblox are fused with modern design- and transformed into a mix-and-match building system. Now updated with fresh new colors, design details and next generation people. Built for the rough and tumble play of adventurous kids! The 2016 Automoblox M9 seats eight of our new people. The extra long main passenger component and additional seating for four in the rear block give this vehicle the longest wheelbase in the line-up. With large Brembo brakes with cross-drilled rotors, your child can build a minivan that even dads won't be able to resist! Made from European beech wood.


  • 19 Mix-and-match components
  • One poseable next generation Automoblox figure
  • Featuring Brembo brakes

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