Apple iPhone 5 Case - Black Hybrid Holster Skin Cover+Hard Case with Stand Clip (GSM, CDMA)


$ 19.99 $ 49.99

'Looking for an all-in-one case for your Cell Phone? This Combo Holster features a one piece hard shell case and a matching holster to accommodate the case. Both case and holster features a rubber-coated hard plastic that is durable and provides grip. The case snaps easily onto the back of your phone and slides into the holster perfectly. Features: Durable, lightweight swivel holster provides maximum comfort and flexibility! Made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic. This high-impact plastic holster is designed specifically for your phone. Allow you to slip your Cell Phonein and out of the holster with one hand. Securely holds your Cell Phonein place, and remains easy to remove. The belt clip ensures protection and ease while carrying your handset. It keeps your Cell Phonein the right position for easy wear and access. It has prongs to secure your Cell Phonein place.'

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