All In - True or False Party Game - Adult Group Board Game, Includes 600 Questions - For Ages 17 Plus


$ 65.21 

Looking for a new board game to play with your friends? All In is a fun party game that will bring your group of friends closer together through hilarious discoveries. Each player will take a turn drawing a card and then selecting a question. That player will honestly answer the question, without telling anyone else, and then the rest of the players will bet all of their chips on the person’s answer being true or false. And yes, each round, everyone must bet ALL of their chips on each bet. You have to go all in with this game. The truth can cost you, so be wise with where you place your bets. All in is designed for 3-6 players aged 17 and up. All in is a great adult, party game, but is not seriously oriented toward family game nights. Your purchase includes: 600 questions on 200 cards, 90 chips (15 of each color), 6 exclusion cards, 2 answer chips (true or false), game board, and a set of instructions/rules.

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