MIGHTY MIND Magnetic MightyMind Challenger


$ 42.00 

This latest addition to the magnetic MightyMind series presents an excellent transition from MightyMind to SuperMind. This unique group of carefully programmed puzzles is sequenced in alphabetical order. A child is lead step by step through a confidence building path moving from easy to complex challenges. For ages 4-9. MightyMind is a basic foundation activity toy. Every child in the world needs the skills it develops.


  • MAKES KIDS SMARTER and PARENTS CAN ACTUALLY SEE IT HAPPENING, because IT'S A PATHWAY WITH LETTERS in alphabetical order showing a child's progress, as a child plays with it. It’s like a measuring stick showing a child’s progress and SUCCESS.
  • TEACHES KIDS HOW TO SOLVE and BUILD PUZZLES from very simple to amazingly complex.
  • DEVELOPS ESSENTIAL LOGICAL THINKING SKILLS, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, patience, and creative problem solving.
  • NON- COMPETITIVE- Recognizing each child's individual differences so every child SUCCEEDS. It's UNIVERSAL, No language or reading required.
  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM as kids advance STEP by STEP to independently solve puzzles that become increasingly complex.

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