Thames & Kosmos Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set


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Barbie is one of the top students in her chemistry class. For an extracurricular project, she and a fellow classmate put together a series of science demonstrations to present to other students at their school. This colorful carrying case is actually a portable science lab with all sorts of tools and materials for science experiments. As you read the story in the illustrated manual, you can experiment with six fun, safe potions and concoctions. Make a glittery pink slime. Mix up a color-changing mood putty. Erupt a volcano in a test tube. Make a lava-lamp-like fizzing reaction. Grow a delicate crystal feather. Experiment with bouncy golden putty. Learn the chemistry and physical science behind all the special properties of these potions.


  • Make Slime, Fizz, Crystals and more
  • Mix six different concoctions and potions
  • Portable science lab with special carrying case
  • Includes 16-page, full-color storybook manual

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