Edu-Toys Slide Making Kit


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From the Manufacturer Learn all about microscope slides, how to make them , how to view them, and how to collect samples for your slides. This kit includes a clearly written instruction manual that will get anyone started in the fascinating study of the microscopic world. Includes: Micro Hatchery, (2) Prepared Slides, (10) Blank Glass Slides, (12) Cover Glasses,(12) Static Slide Covers, (12) Blank Labels, Vial of Eosin, Vial of Shrimp Eggs, Vial of Methylene Blue, Vial of Sodium Chloride, (2) 10mL Graduated Cylinders, (2) Collecting Vials, Tweezers, Dropper, Stirring Rod, 3x and 6x Magnifier, Safety Goggles and Instruction Manual.


  • Get started in the fascinating study of the microscopic world
  • Make your own microscope slides
  • Learn how to view them
  • Complete kit with clearly written instructions
  • Hatch your own brine shrimp for microscopic study

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