Bellz, Family Game with Magnetic Wand and Colorful Bells, for Kids Aged 6 and Up

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How many bells can you collect? Simple to play, but hard to master, Bellz! puts the strategy skills of your family and friends to the test. Open up the storage case (that doubles as a game board) and pile all the colorful bells into the base. Gather two to four players and assign each player one of four bell colors. Then, take turns using the magnetic wand to pick up bells of one color. With 3 different sizes of bells to pick up, collecting them is harder than you think! Use the smaller end of the magnetic wand for precision extraction, or harness the magnetic power of the large end to lift up a chain of bells at once! Be the first player to pile up 10 of the same-colored bells and win! This magnetic family game is compact for easy storage and light for easy transport. Take it with you for travel game fun and enjoy a family game night on the go! Master the quick-to-pick-up magnetic game Bellz!


  • FUN FAMILY GAME: Play the quick-to-pick-up family game Bellz! Gather 2-4 players and use the magnetic wand to pick up bells of the same color. First one to collect 10 bells wins! Perfect for family game night, Bellz! rings in fast-paced fun!
  • EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER: Bellz! requires patience, strategic thinking and a steady hand. Addictively fun, this easy to learn, but hard to master game will have your family playing round after round!
  • Bellz! is the magnetic family game for kids aged 7 and up. For 2-4 players. Put your strategy skills to the test with Bellz!
  • Includes: 1 Storage Case/ Game Arena, 1 Magnetic Wand, 40 Bells, Instructions
  • FUN TRAVEL GAME: The Bellz! storage case doubles as a game space. For fun on the go, put the bells and magnetic wand into the case and pack it up for fun on road trips, plane trips or weekend at the cottage. Light and compact, Bellz! makes it easy to take family game night on the road.

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