VIAHART Kikbo Kick Shuttlecock Cylinder (Chapteh, Da CAU, Jian Zi) | Great Change-up from Hacky Sack and Footbag (Blue) Includes One Complete Kikbo Shuttlecock and Four Replacement Feathers


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Product Description Badminton for your feet! Soccer with wings! Kikbo is an awesome sport based on the ancient Chinese pass-time of Jianzi (known in Vietnam as Da Cau, in Singapore as Chapteh, and the Philippines as Larong Sipa). It's a great workout and one that builds your foot-eye coordination (great for soccer). It's also great for doing tricks. Beware the wind! It'll make playing difficult. 'It's so rare that we get to share some of the most incredible inventions in the universe with you all, which is why I'm so excited about Kikbo' -TechCrunch Return Policy At VIAHART, customer satisfaction is highly important to us, so please review the below policy for the condition that is applicable you. Returns must be filed within 30 days of receiving the item. If your item arrived later than the expected delivery date, we will pay for the return shipping, as well as issue a full refund + 10% off your next order. If your product has a defect, send us a clear picture by text or email and we will refund 100% of your order without a return. If you want to return the item, we will provide free return shipping and a full refund once the item arrives at our warehouse and is in good condition. Shipping and Fulfillment This product ships from an Amazon warehouse. About the Manufacturer VIAHART was founded in 2010 with a big idea and a single product. Today, we design and manufacture hundreds of different toys and sporting goods. We are headquartered in Texas from where we ship many products in addition to Amazon fulfillment centers. Our products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and the USA under our strict supervision. If you have a question or if there's any way we can help, please contact us!

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