Jet Creations Inflatable 12" Blue Political Globe


$ 17.78 $ 949.99

From the Manufacturer USA? China? Paris? Ever wonder how many countries there are in the world or want to have a 3 dimensional view of the world map? This globe is the best choice. The light blue political well represents the nations of the world, plus names of major oceans and cities. Anion, or Negative Ion, is an atom or molecule with a negative charge. Over the course of years, scientists have researched and discovered the great benefits of Anions on purifying air, reducing and removing bad odors, relieving stress and much more. Jet Creations, after many years of research and testing, has discovered a NEW, revolutionary way to embed Anions into products. Product Description Have a ball and teach kids some geography! Toss this ball a few times and you'll notice what is on it. Continents, bodies of water, country locations, even major cities! Toss around the globe ball and all ages learn.


  • Inflatable globe suitable for educational use or outdoor play
  • Durable Construction
  • Clear Graphics using 4-Color Printing

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