BRICTEK® BUILDING BLOCKS is a new company developing high quality construction toys fully compatible with other leading brands.

Launched in North America in 2012, the BRICTEK® line already includes over 100 kits covering themes as various as Police, Firefighters, Construction, Airport, Racing vehicles, Trains, Pirates, Castles, Space, the Girls Imagine Series, Heroes and Androids, Farm, Radio-Controlled Vehicles and the exclusive Army, Navy and Air force Series which cannot be found with the leading brands.

The BRICTEK® line also includes some very popular accessories which avid builders really appreciate like the 800 pieces Super Pack which does not include any instructions in order to stimulate the imagination of young and not so young builders. Various sets of wheels, Doors and Windows and Baseplates are also available to complement any sets and come with free figurines as a bonus.

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