Be Amazing Toys Geyser Tube with Caps Blister Card 7155

Be Amazing Toys

$ 12.95 $ 16.45

 Learn to create an enormous geyser by combining Mentos with soda. The eruption is amazing - up to 25' high - and so is the learning if you consider the science just beneath the surface. Interchangeable caps fit on the Geyser Tube to allow various types of sprays: a single spray; a long, rectangular spray; a cross and a 3-hole spray.
  • Learn the science behind the internet sensation, make your own diet soda and Mentos geyser
  • Interchangeable caps let you decide what kind of spray you want to make you each time you set off a new geyser
  • No more wasting soda trying to get all the Mentos in the bottle at one time, this is a fool-proof method for making a 25-foot geyser
  • Comes with a roll of Mentos but you can try other activators to see what works best, it's all part of the science
  • Great science fair experiment

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