Be Amazing Toys Cool Slime 5840

Be Amazing Toys

$ 15.95 $ 20.95

A super cool science kit for the mad scientist in you. The kit contains two liquids that when mixed together, make the perfect batch of green, gooey slime every time (maniacal mad scientist laughter is optional.) Along the way, you'll learn about molecules, polymers, and the safe and amazing chemical reaction that turns two innocent-looking liquids into a blob of oozy, green goo. Once you are done making slime, the enclosed directions walk you through some amazing slime games:
  • Learn the trick to stretching slimemdash; then have a contest with your friends.
  • Learn to blow a huge slime bubble. The slime is lots of fun to play with, and can be stored in a zipper-lock bag until you are ready to play with it again. The liquid slime components store in their bottles for even longer, so you can whip up a batch of slime whenever your inner mad-scientist demands it. 
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Just add the Slime Activator to the Slime Goo, stir for a few seconds and, you've got slime
  • Polymers are all around us and you can use them to make slimy goo
  • 4 experiments all in this one kit
  • All non-toxic and fully safety tested
  • Includes slime goo, slime activator, plastic cups, stir stick, scoop, instructions

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