Automoblox Mini X9-X Sport Utility


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The high-quality buildable and mixable Automoblox vehicles are an innovative reinvention of the classic wooden toy car, and are a popular favorite because of their imaginative play, creativity and collectability. Each vehicle includes multiple interchangeable components and sports a body made of European beech wood. Kids can play with and collect cool sedans, rugged trucks, sporty vans, and more. The more they collect, the more customizing they can do. Plus, they’re fun to race! It’s easy enough for kids as young as 4 to get in on the fun, and the cool designs appeal to older kids as well! The Mini X9-X SUV includes 14 pieces to build one vehicle.


  • Cool, fun vehicle made of European beech wood body and interchangeable parts!
  • Includes 14 min-and-match components to build one SUV
  • Build, race, and collect the whole Automoblox line!
  • Pieces can be mixed with other Automoblox mini vehicles (sold separately) to make customized creations!
  • SUV fits in the palm of your hand; for ages 4 and up

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