Be Amazing Toys Insta-Snow box ®Powder 5900 (replaces 5810)

Be Amazing Toys

$ 15.95 $ 20.95


Looking to add some movie magic to your models, train sets or action figures? With FX Snow you can turn any scene into a winter wonderland (or a blistering blizzard!)

Insta-Snow® creates a snow bank in a cup—instantly! Just add water to a sprinkle of Insta-Snow® for an amazing reaction that erupts before your eyes. You’ll create “snow” so realistic that you will fool and amaze your family, friends, and any movie camera.

Insta-Snow® is a good base for great science project ideas. Explore the properties of water-absorbent polymers and use the scientific method to as you design experiments and test them for instant results. Just watch out (your parents might try to steal your Insta-Snow® to create a winter scene for their holiday decorations!)

  • Insta-Snow® Powder
  • Small Plastic Petri Dish with Cover
  • Blue Scoop
  • 2 Plastic Cups
  • Instructions

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