Wonder Crew® Adventure Pack Explorer 5946

Play Monster

$ 33.95 $ 41.95

Go anywhere. Be anything.®

Wonder Crew® combines the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal to give children a best friend! The Accessory Gear allows children to switch up the adventure with an outfit for the buddy and a matching accessory for the child...because it’s “adventure through friendship!” With the Explorer set, children can dress their buddy in a fun dinosaur explorer outfit and safari hat, with a matching hat for them to wear, too! While wearing their gear, the best friends can play and explore! Buddy not included.

Wonder Crew® was developed by a therapist to promote social and emotional learning, build confidence and imagination, and empower boys to see themselves as important, creative and strong people.

Ages 3 & up
Contents: Buddy Explorer Outfit and Hat, Child-Sized Hat

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