Mattel Hot Wheel Sharkbait Play Set FCF20


$ 13.35 $ 17.05


Product Description A must have for any and all Hot Wheels fan. These action packed sets are for all Hot Wheels fans and stunt lovers! The driver’s timing must be just right and the stunt risk is intensely high. The best part of all is this track set connects to other sets so kids can easily build out their system and create more exciting adventures!

    • Includes: Boat Launcher, Jump off Ocean Wave, Jet Skier, and Swimming Shark Fins
    • Connects easily allowing Kids to build out there Track and Create more Exciting Adventures.
    • Track Set is Compatible with other Hot Wheel Track sets.
    • A must have to any Hot Wheel Collection.
    • Knock Out the Shark!
    • 4 years and up
    • 2.2 x 7.5 x 12 inches

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