Melissa & Doug Fairy Tale Castle: 48-Piece Floor Puzzle + Free Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle [44271]

Melissa & Doug

$ 35.99 

Melissa & Doug creates yet another great toy for your beloved little one. Welcome to this enchanting scene where swans glide in the pond, butterflies flutter around the castle and the princess rides her unicorn. 2' x 3' when assembled, this puzzle makes it fun to improve spatial reasoning, problem-solving skills and develop manual dexterity. And, its easy-clean surface keeps the puzzle looking new. The Floor Puzzle series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC95574R-0000772044V3 (Safari Social)• BCC9557P2-0000772044127 (Butterfly Bliss)• BCC9557425-000077204PN (Unicorn Glade)• BCC9557418-000077204PJ (Mermaid Playground)• BCC9557401-0000772004P5 (Under the Sea)• BCC955G95-0000772004442 (Rainforest)• BCC955G88-0000772044004 (Noah's Ark)• BCC955G71-0000772044028 (Pirate's Bounty)• BCC955G64-00007720044G (Beginning Skills Floor Puzzle Set)• BCC955G57-00007720F012 (Savannah Adventure)• BCC955G40-000077204R67 (Daniel and The Lion's Den)

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