BRIO 31350 - Toddler Wobbler | The Perfect Toy for Newly Mobile Toddlers For Kids Ages 9 Months and Up


$ 44.99 

Product Description A walking toy that keeps pace with the child's development. The classic BRIO toddler wobbler comes equipped with an adjustable handle and brake, letting you adapt it to the child's progress. When your little one has figured out how to cruise down the side of the couch and circumnavigate the coffee table, it's time for mobile support. And since bear, bunny, and blankie need to come too, what better than a tot-size pushcart? The BRIO Toddler Wobbler is a simple wheeled box (16 by 9.5 inches) in bright red-and-yellow wood. There are four 4-inch rubber wheels, and an arch-shaped metal handle that rises to 19 inches off the floor. No driver's license necessary, but adult assembly is required for attaching the handle. --Richard Farr From the Manufacturer A BRIO classic. Toddlers love to walk behind this safe and well designed wagon with two-position handle for just the right fit.

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