Wicked Big Sports Footbag-Gigantic Hacky Sack Fun For All Levels,colors may vary

Wicked Big Sports

$ 38.21 

Wicked Big Sports combines traditional sports and games with oversized fun! Each game features classic play with extra-large elements. The Wicked Big Sports products are portable and versatile – play at the beach, in your backyard, at your tailgating party or at the park! Whether or not you are wicked skilled, or wicked competitive, you better be ready to have a wicked good time! Wicked Big Sports foot bag is an oversized version of foot bag, or hacky sack. The goal of the game is to keep the foot bag from hitting the ground, using anything but your hands. Test out your skills by playing solo - use your feet, knees, elbows, chest and head to keep the bag in the air! Or play in a group – form a circle and see how many hits you can get before the foot bag hits the ground.

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