Be Amazing! Toys Sky Blue Flight Giant Wright Flyer Model Kit


$ 52.46 

With a wingspan of nearly 20 inches, this large-scale plane flies up to 120 feet - approximately the distance as the original Wright Brothers flyer. It features a unique ball bearing propulsion mechanism is powered by heavy-duty rubber bands. (An extra rubber band is included in case one breaks.) This is a "push-prop" plane, meaning the propellers are in the back and push the plane forward. The short wings are in the front so it seems to fly "backward." It's part of the science. (Orville or Wilbur sat on the large, lower wing in the rear, steering the plane. This flyer can be weighted with pennies, and the rudders in the rear can be adjusted to change the way it flies. A QR code in the instructions leads to a short video showing how it flies.

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