Authentic Fin-Gears Magnetic Finger Rings


$ 19.99 


Fin-Gears is the newest addictive game!

Age: 14+

In this box you will find a set of 3 magnetic rings that can be used for tricks, to help you focus, relax your senses and for other creative uses (such as games, assembling magnetized figures etc.)

Contents: 3 Magnetic Rings

Size as follow:

Small: External diameter 28 mm, internal diameter 16mm, height 13 mm

Medium: External Diameter 31mm, internal diameter 19mm, height 13 mm.

Large: External Diameter 34mm, internal diameter 21mm, height 13 mm.

Warning: Keep the rings away from objects or devices that can be demagnetized (bank cards, card passes with magnetic stripes etc.) Do not push the rings past the second knuckle of the finger (depending on your finger size) as it may lead to the ring gettting stuck. If you find it difficult to pull the ring off the finger, use a safe lubricant (such as soap) or seek medical aid.

Contains magnets

Conforms to US CPSIA standards

Please use the box as storage for the rings before and after use.

Not a Toy.

Never buy the counterfeit or imitations! See video below:


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