FurReal Friends Happy to See Me Pets Roxie, My Beatboxin' Fox Pet

FurReal friends

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This sweet, soft fox plush pet is so excited to play with you! When you pet your new little friend, she'll walk and turn her head – and beatbox! As you pet her cuddly fur, she'll make more than 20 beatboxing sounds. Your Roxie, My Beatboxin' Fox toy will always be ready for rhythmic fun, and she'll always be excited as can be when you come around! FurReal Friends and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • FurReal Friends pets really respond to a girl's touch, and make realistic pet movements and sounds
  • With so many pets with different features, there is a FurReal Friends dream pet just for you
  • These soft, furry pets are always ready to be snuggled, cuddled and cared for
  • Electronic Roxie, My Beatboxin' Fox pet looks and acts like a real fox
  • Pet moves and chases her tail when you pet her
  • She makes more than 20 happy sounds

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