Yookidoo Bath Toy Whale Spray Submarine with A Water Pumping System Best Shower Toy for Babies and Toddlers


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The Submarine Spray Whale bath toy by Yookidoo is perfect for your little one as it is a fun, engaging way for your child to explore and experience independent play during bath time. This bath tub spray toy works with a battery operated water pump; when the submarine is submerged, water is drawn up through the whale mouth and blow hole to create a safe, steady stream. The whale shower head is easy to grip, even for small hands, so your child can direct the water stream to make their bath a lively, interactive experience. The circulating pumping system can even help to save water, as it draws it directly from the tub, so you don't have to waste it from the tap. The Submarine Spray Whale Baby bath toy is not only a great apparatus to make bath time enjoyable for your child, but helps contribute to your baby or toddler's personal development through stimulation and interactivity.


  • Submarine Spray Whale Bath Toy For Babies Allows Your Child To Explore and Experience Independent Play During Bath Time
  • When The Submarine Is Submerged Underwater, Water Is Drawn Up To The Whale Shower Head, Creating A Steady Stream That Will Have Your Little One Fascinated And Entertained.
  • Handheld Whale Shower Head That Is Easy To Grip With Small Hands And Allows Your Child To Direct The Steady Water Flow.
  • This Bath Time Toy by Yookidoo Includes A Battery Operated Water Circulation Pumping System That Helps To Recycle Water In The Bath Tub, So It Doesn’t Need To Be Wasted From The Tap (Batteries Not Included).
  • Recommended for Ages 2-6.

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